Miss Nine feat. Kyler England - Stranger (Lyrics)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's not just the looks that'll get you. In Miss Nine's case, it's more than a pretty face. The talented DJ/producer stands her ground, substantiated by the sounds of her new tune 'Stranger', ft. singer Kyler England.

In follow-up to her Beggi Begovic collab 'Hit The Road', the prog-house lady lands a new theme for the warm, summer nights. She invited US singer Kyler England, who's worked with the likes of Cosmic Gate and Roger Shah.

Combining two multi-talents, 'Stranger' brings the easy-flowing vocals of Kyler, on top of the light, unshakeable prog-house sound of Miss Nine. A heavy-weighing, but light taste of summer.

German duo Dohr & Mangold deliver a deep and playful electro prog translation, giving 'Stranger' a tasty bite of big-room.

Stranger (Original Mix) (05:09)
Stranger (Dohr & Mangold Remix) (06:26)
Stranger (Radio Edit) (02:36)
Stranger (Dohr & Mangold Radio Edit) (03:11)

When you're talking in your sleep I don't understand
When you you're falling on your knees you're another man
I don't know who you are
I don't know where you go

When you're running through the streets like you've seen a ghost
And it's coming for you freedom and all you know
I don't what to do or how to keep you safe

The more I hold you
The more you're a stranger love
Yeah, you're a stranger
The more I hold you
The more you're a stranger love

On the day that we met over a year ago
Through your face i could see right down to your soul
In perfect focus everything became so clear

Now every morning the clouds cover up your sky
There's a storm in your heart and I don't know why
I can't get through to you, you're tangled up in fear

Repeat Chorus

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