Michael Angelo feat. Melissa Loretta – Hearts Unspoken (Lyrics)

Sunday, March 03, 2013
Do you see the hail hit on the door?
I can feel it!
The silence golden in your soul
Well I can trance it!
We're face-to-face like wall-to-wall
And it's so desolate
Throwing roses on the floor
And you're so complacent

Facing down and you're looking up
And it's eyes wide open
You're holding on and I'm pushing back
You're facing down and I'm looking up
And it's silence spoken
You're holding on and I'm pushing back...

Now I forget all the signs
Just what trail you had us on
All the chapters and all the lines
So perfectly dismayed,
As we sit here just facing time
All the wonders spill like tea
On the carpets, on the pages,
Like throwing out our dreams ...

Well here comes the rain and it's rolling in
Like a roller coster
You say it's calm but the skies are thin
Well here comes the crash and it's creeping in
Is it ever over?
You say it's calm, but when I'm gone...

Don't blame the weather man.

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